Philippines tourist visa extension – online application and payment via internet

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When it comes to tourist visa extension the Philippine authorities propose a relatively simple process compared to other countries in the region. However, the need for regular personal appearances in a crowded office is an unnecessary and painful nuisance for many.

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Recently there has been good news arriving for expats living in the Philippines courtesy of the Bureau of Immigration. From June 2016 new procedures are to be implemented that will enable foreigners to apply for visa extension via the Internet.


Expats will be able to conveniently submit an application form and credit card payment online at the Bureau of Immigration website thereby eliminating the need to waste time queuing and waiting for the application approval on the spot.


Upon completion of formalities a printable confirmation will be generated unfortunately also indicating the date when you must report to the office in person to re-confirm the electronic extension with an old fashioned analog stamp. I can’t help wondering whether this requirement does not kill the enlightened idea at its roots but let’s hope the application of official seal will be a quick matter of course.


The BI’s website also advertises a six-month tourist visa extension available for three years (a maximum duration of a single stay the Philippines) and not only until the eighteenth month in total as before. Handy solution for those living in the province. We won’t confirm these revelations personally until September but if you have successfully gained a six month extension beyond 18 months, please share the good news.


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By przeczytać polskojęzyczną wersję wpisu >>>KLIKNIJ TUTAJ<<<


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