Flying Underwater – A Flight with Subwing in the Philippines [VIDEO] and [GALLERY]

By przeczytać polskojęzyczną wersję wpisu >>>KLIKNIJ TUTAJ<<<


Together with a good buddy of ours and author of this lifestyle blog we’ve recently been playing with a fantastic device called Subwing. The gadget is basically an underwater wing comprising of two lobes that move independently in the longitudinal axis. Such a set dragged behind a motorboat literally lets you fly underwater and transforms a human being into killer whale trolling live bait – see a video at bottom of text. Absolutely amazing (and this is not a sponsored entry).


The equipment operates on the principle of an aircraft wing. Depending on the angle of attack against the water surface the direction of movement changes enabling immersion and then a stable and controlled flight into the deep blue. Wings are operated in a manner that down force is created rather like a Formula 1 car spoiler so the greater the angle of attack the more violent the descent. A long pulling rope allows you to reach depths where pressure equalization is necessary.


We once tried water skiing behind a somewhat battered motorboat and she could not reach the speed to keep up us on the surface. Our meager skills did not help then either. With Subwing things are different. The toy offers fun at low speeds easily achieved even by local fishing boats and it really is fun for everyone.


Operating the device is intuitive and does not require much physical force. Depth of flight is easily controlled by manual handling of the wing lobes. Forces are precisely applicable so after a while in the water you know more or less what the deal’s all about. That’s when the fun starts and with each run it only gets better. The appropriate arrangement of independently adjustable elements enable the swimmer to perform underwater acrobatics, cork screws and all sorts of general madness.


In shallow waters using the device gives you the opportunity to admire the underwater world in a whole new way. Ability to cover significant distances increases the chance of spotting interesting reef species. Turtles and sea snakes? Check!


In short: A REAL HIT. All we need to do now is to figure out how to acquire them Subwings and for the first time we are seriously considering buying our own boat. Click below to watch underwater footage and visit picture gallery below. Thanks for reading and come again. Cheers.

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By przeczytać polskojęzyczną wersję wpisu >>>KLIKNIJ TUTAJ<<<



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